Lab Staff Alumni

  • SacharRyan Sachar – Growing up in the front range of Colorado, Ryan developed an early passion for health and well-being. A recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis; he obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts in mathematics while developing a career interest in medicine and patient care. While enjoying his newly minted post-graduate life, Ryan finds himself meditating,  playing poker, and running in Forest Park.
  • Jason Wever – Jason is a south St. Louis native who departed the city in pursuit of furthering his education, his professional training, and his general knowledge of life. Jason received a BA in International Relations and a BS in Biology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and during this time, he discovered a passion for scientific research while working as a summer research assistant in a microbiology lab at St. Louis University Medical School. This new-found interest brought him to the University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign, where he completed a MS in Cell and Developmental Biology and continued to teach and to perform research for a number of years. Jason spent 2.5 years in the lab working on a crush injury model and pioneering optical imaging techniques of nerves.  He is now a graduate student pursuing his PhD at Washington University in St. Louis.  When not performing scientific research, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and friends in various St. Louis bars and restaurants, working on home improvement projects, bowling, reading, riding his bike, and attending punk rock and Americana music shows

Former Lab Students

  • Heather Shams
  • Sarah Yapo
  • Nithya Lingampalli
  • Winston Jiang